Award Winning Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Intuitively Connecting The Dots.


Ras has honed the ability to convey thoughts and ideas with words, both written and verbal. From winning over $100,000 pitching his business model, or taking $500 and building an internationally recognized brand, Ras knows how to close investors and customers.


Combining social theories and hardcore science, Ras has a unique approach to building companies thats creating new paradigms for whata  company can be. From there he went on to pen articles for several digital publications, most notably Black Enterprise and Inc. magazine.


Clearly communicating core messages to your audience is paramount to increasing a company’s profitability. Crafting content strategies are Ras’ specialty. As a content consultant, Ras has seen his clients’ articles go viral with over 100,000+ unique views and shares via LinkedIn.


From developing a deck that excites your audience to know exactly how to tell your brand’s story to connect with your audience are all parts of a successful pitch. In today’s fast-paced startup world, knowing how to standout in the market is critical and a solid pitch helps you do just that.



BREAUX Capital

Inspired by the hardships of being a minority founder, Ras has developed understanding of financial technology along with knowledge of building social brands with unique business models.



Diversity and Inclusion is a hotbed topic, especially for STEM careers. Ras and his team have used creative marketing strategies to galvanize and activate audiences.


Million Dollar Scholar

Million Dollar Scholar is an education technology social venture that used pitching as a form of early fundraising to bootstrap product development.