Socio-Logical Entrepreneurship

Countless renowned entrepreneurs and investors have expressed how companies are only as good as their people. So why isn’t “sociological business development” a thing?

Great entrepreneurs do one thing that can be summed up in two words - Solve Problems. Being selfless is actually the counter-intuitive method to accumulate wealth (that we’ve used to build BREAUX Capital). But it works. When you bring solutions, you also bring value. People exchange money for value. This is the bedrock of all commerce and the cornerstone of any organization or business. If value becomes associated with you and your brand, you will have no issue generating revenue and reaping profits. It is the desire to solve a problem while wholeheartedly believing in your solution that will lead to you developing a great product. And great products sell themselves.

Whether they be customers, colleagues, or competition, they are simply people and the easier it is to predict their behavior the easier it will be to deal with them accordingly. Richard Branson, dropped out of school at 16 with dyslexia and started a business with a friend. He attributes his success not to his “degrees” or “corporate experience” but to being able to work with people. Now let’s be clear: 1) he’s white so dropping out of school is not necessarily a strike against him 2) He began his first company in 1966 at a time where college education was not as important as it is today. The point that I am attempting to make however is that he depends on his emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to help him succeed. After all, Napoleon Hill and rapper Ricky Rozay have recognized that a “mastermind group” is essential for exceptional success in any undertaking. Branson was most likely referring to the “art of dealing with people” but if we take a step back we realize that science and art are inextricably linked.

Ras Olugbenga